Integrative Physical Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, and Yoga

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Private Sessions

Catherine is a licenced integrative physical therapist, certified CranioSacral therapist, and a Certified Yoga Therapist. In her private sessions, she utilizes each of these skills to meet the needs of her clients. She practices with an integrative and holistic focus, looking at the complex interactions of the systems of the body, while taking the whole person and their life/ lifestyle into account.

Each of these one-on-one sessions is tailor-made to work with your body and your needs in order to help you achieve your physical, mental, and spiritual goals. A student can decide if they want strictly yoga, physical therapy, CranioSacral Therapy or a combination of any of the three. This is a great option for people with injuries, special conditions. The therapeutic yoga sessions are excellent for people new to yoga, experienced yogis looking to deepen their practice, or anyone wanting more personal attention in their approach to yoga and their body.

These private sessions are a great way to deepen your practice, and also make an excellent gift!


$80 for an hour-long session for a single person

$120 for an hour and a half for a single person

There is an extra $10 charge for each additional person added to a private yoga session ($90 for two students for an hour, $100 for three, etc).

There may be additional charges for travel

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Public Yoga Classes

Catherine teaches a weekly Gentle Vinyasa yoga class Thursday mornings at 9:30am at taraNa yoga, located at 3757 Grand Ave in South Minneapolis. Her classes combine gentle yoga postures and breath work with mindfulness practices, creating an approach to yoga that is both highly physical and deeply meditative. See taraNa’s website for prices and details.

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Wellness Talks/ Workshops

Catherine is available for corporate wellness talks and workshops tailor-made to your organization’s needs. She can come in for a short 30-90 minute presentation on a particular subject, or she can facilitate a longer interactive workshop or retreat to help delve deeper into the wellness resources and challenges your organization faces.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation to help improve the health, happiness, and wellness of your organization.

Examples of previous wellness talks/ workshops include:

10 Ways to Reduce Pain at Work

Workplace-Friendly Yoga

Resilience Training

Mindfulness Meditation

Wellness at Work: Exploring how to Thrive (not just Survive)

Workplace Resilience

Creating Calm within a Storm: Managing Workplace Chaos and Stress through Yoga, Breathing, and Mindfulness

Caring for the Caregiver

And more!